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Do you live in Burnaby or The Lower Mainland? and need your sewer line  repaired or replaced? We are specialists in Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs. We use our own patented "Pipe Genie" pipe bursting equipment to replace your sewer line without digging a trench. We dig just 2 small holes and using our equipment we pull the new sewer line through the ground. No trench needs to be dug and therefore saving your lawns, gardens and driveways from being damaged. We repair broken, cracked, blocked and damaged sewer lines.

There might not be a more unpleasant experience than flushing your toilet, only to have all the contents back up onto your bathroom floor. A common culprit responsible for such backups is tree roots in your sewer line. Major root invasion might require professional plumbing assistance, but introducing copper sulfate into your sewer system is a home remedy that might prevent a minor root problem from becoming a major issue.

Solid, sealed sewer lines aren't susceptible to tree roots. But introduce even a tiny crack or fissure into a sewer line and tree roots can invade, grow and cause all kinds of havoc. Solid waste can collect around the root fibers, inhibiting the flow of water. As additional waste material collects, the flushing action of your toilet becomes more sluggish and can even result in a backup. As the tree roots grow, the fibers can also increase in length and width, completely blocking your sewer line.

You can't go wrong with Drain Master Plumbers. By using our trenchless technology, the old sewer line is torn apart as new pipe is being pulled through it, effectively destroying the damaged sewer line and replacing it with the new line.

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A sanitary sewer (also called a foul sewer and a covered sewer) is an underground carriage system specifically for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings through pipes to treatment or disposal. Sanitary sewers serving industrial areas also carry industrial wastewater.

The system of sewers is called sewerage. Sanitary sewers are distinguished from open sewers in that the sanitary system is closed off from its surroundings to limit interaction between the waste and the landscape that it travels through.

They are also usually distinguished from combined sewers, which handle not only sewage but also surface runoff. Open sewers, consisting of gutters and urban streambeds, were common worldwide before the 20th century. In the majority of developed countries, large efforts were made during the late 19th and early 20th centuries to cover the formerly open sewers, converting them to closed systems with cast iron, steel, or concrete pipes, masonry, and concrete arches. Open sewers are not used in developed countries today, but they remain in use in many developing countries. 

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Water Lines: Rust and other minerals can build up inside your water line, affecting your water volume. If you have good pressure but bad volume, you will notice it when somebody flushes a toilet or shower.

Identifying The Water Line Problem

Slow sink or tub drains.
Water backing up in the bathtub, shower, or sink.
Wet areas in walls or along floors in rooms adjacent to walls containing drain pipes.
Wet areas in the lawn near drain piping.
Unusual gurgling or bubbling sounds when water is draining.

Rust is a main water line problem. If you were to cut open your water line.. Read More

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