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A leak in the basement can cause major problems. When water gets into a basement it can damage your entire house. It could cause foundation damage which may produce harmful mold.. getting to know why a basement may leak may prevent a leak or flood in your basement.

We use basements for many reasons. It can be used used as storage place. Or it may be used as a den, family room, games room or even an office. No matter how you use it, if water gets into your basement...major problems may arise.
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Some of the common reasons water gets into the basement are. Water seeping into the basement through the wall joints, seeping through the floor and from cracks in the wall. Problems like this can be solved by waterproofing a basement.

Leaks can be cause by drain tile that are clogged and that causes water to back up and flow into the basement. This can be solved by drain cleaning or replacing cracked, broken or leaking drain tiles.

If you do not have a finished basement your biggest concern is going to be simply protecting your home form water damage due to a leaking basement. You should install a drain in the floor so that any water that gets in will be able to get out.

Basements are the lowest point of any house, apartment or commercial property, which is where groundwater will collect. Without proper foundation protection, that water will find a way into the basement, causing problems. Mold and mildew will grow, causing damage to the carpet and walls or woodwork.

If you have a den, family room, games room or even an office, your basement should be waterproofed. We are able to waterproof your basement so that it will not leak at all.

Basements by nature are generally damp.  Moisture can be just as damaging as a leak if left untreated.

Basements are located below ground and if they are not properly built then there is the possibility of leaks or floods. Basements are a magnet for water leaking or flooding because they are closer to water sources and at a level for drainage issues. By understanding the causes of basement leaks you can help to prevent leaks in your basement.

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