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Your home foundation has drainage tiles, which are one of the most important
aspects of your homes construction. Drain tile systems are one of our services we specialize in.

Drain tiles are deeply buried and cannot be easily modified or repaired without the need to dig. It is very important that the drain tiles are installed correctly.

Foundation drainage systems which are installed properly can serve a dual roll.

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Many homes in the lower mainland have full or partial basements. These basements can attract water leaks if you have a cracked, broken or leaking drain tile. Nobody wants  water in their basement.

Drain tiles serve as a means by which ground water can be moved away from your basement. If you want a dry basement, you must have an adequate foundation drainage system.

The water content in the soil can be very high due to the amount of rain Delta and the lower mainland receives. Digging will always bring up some amount of water. This is referred to as to this as the water table. This water table rises and falls in response to the amount of precipitation in any given time period.


Water can rise during the rain. Water will take the path of least resistance. It is very feasible that the water may flow through a crack in your foundation, or drain tiles instead of down the pipe it was intended to.

Your homes foundation has four major components. The drain tiles, (gravel), the gravel cover, and the water outlet. All of these are very important in keeping your basement free from water flooding.

Having your home waterproofed is very important as it will protect your property from getting wet and damages. We will not only waterproof your home, but we can inspect and repair your drain tiles keeping your home free of water and protecting your furniture, carpets and woodwork from water damage.

We will keep your house nice and dry!

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