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While basement cracks are not a structural threat to your homes foundation foundation, basement walls, or even the  floor.

Wall cracks may create a water seepage problem. Leaks are not only inconveniences, but these cracks  can cause hidden mold, mildew, and fungus. If you ignore leaking water, it can result in costly clean-up efforts and continual expenses.

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Most basement  cracks are formed in the first 30 days after pouring the concrete. Until the cracks begin widening, detection may be delayed.

These types of cracks often occur because insufficient amounts of working joints were placed during construction to account for drying shrinkage and thermal movement. Other common cracks involve structural settlement, overload, or earthquake damage.

Foundation repairs can solve your wet. damp or flooded basement problem. Basements have constant moisture, making it a possible problem with leaks. Not only do basements have leakage issues, but the foundation is weaker.


Many people do not notice they have a foundation problem, and this may lead to problems down the road. Apart from the dangerous health risks, it also because an inconvenience and possible costly mistake as your goods you may have stored in the basement may get damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Having your foundation repaired, due to basement crack and water damage will prevent your furniture from damage if you have a den, rec room. games room or an office in your basement.

The ground on which your basement has been built on will play an important role in the structural condition of the basement. If the soil settles around your home, then basement walls may develop various faults. Cracked basement walls are a result of such events. If the foundation settles, this may cause the walls to crack or bend. This may cause major damage to the overall structure to the walls and can lead to damp, wet or flooded basements.

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