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Burnaby Wet Basement Repairs

We are a full service plumbing company specializing in wet basement repair work in Burnaby. We are specialists in trenchless, no dig water and sewer line repairs. We use our own patented "Pipe Genie" pipe bursting equipment to replace your water or sewer line without digging a trench. We dig just 2 small holes and using our equipment we pull the new line through the ground. No trench needs to be dug and therefore saving your lawns, gardens and driveways from being damaged. We repair broken, cracked, blocked and damaged sewer and water lines.

A wet basement can be one of the most damaging and stressful events to happen in your home, causing inconvenience and costly repairs to be made. Homes in our Lower Mainland region should be protected from the constant damaging effects to buildings caused by excessive rainfalls, a leak or crack in your home’s basement walls, poor lot drainage, failure of the weeping tiles, blocked connection between your home and the main sewer/water line system, a back-up of wastewater in the sewer system, failure of a sump pump (in some areas).

Our company provides you with the protection necessary to keep today's basements dry in the long term, with proven air gap technology and best quality materials built-in.

Do you have problems with any of the following:

Leaking Basements * Wall Cracks * Damp Crawl Spaces * Leaking Cracks

Pipe Penetrations * Floor Cracks * Wet Basements * Drain Tile Problems * Honeycombed Concrete * Sump Pumps

Drainage * Weeping tile * Storage Tanks * Window Wells

If so, then you've come to the right place because these drainage issues and more are our expertise!

You can't go wrong with our services as long as rain continues to fall in the lower mainland!

Our systems do not allow any water getting past the dimpled membrane to fall freely to the drain tile through the air gap section, keeping water away from your foundation and preventing hydrostatic water pressure against your walls.

This same air gap allows the foundation to "breathe" and makes your whole home healthier.

Quality builders use - Burnaby Basement Repair on all their projects to ensure their home buyers enjoy dry basements!

Call today to have a Certified Technician solve your problems.  - Phone: 604-739-2000

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